The Value of Business Values

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When’s the last time you boycotted a business? In today’s political and cultural climate, it seems like there’s a new reason to disengage with some of our favorite brands every day.  This cookie maker is responsible for the destruction of palm forests in Indonesia. This fast food chain contributes to a controversial cause. This retailer supports the opposing political party. Whatever the reason, odds are, you’ve raised an eyebrow or put your wallet away when … Read more

The Parable of the Popsicle: Promise and Expectations in Branding

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We are in the dog days of summer here, folks.  It’s HOT. Which is why, when I was strolling down the frosty frozen aisles of my local Tar-Jhay, I thought to myself “You know what, self?  We need some popsicles!” I grabbed one of my favorite flavors – Pineapple.  Yum! After putting the groceries away at home, I wanted one of those cool treats, so I reached into the freezer for a yummy, sweet Pineapple … Read more

What’s with the Monkey? (or, why I chose to rebrand)


You may have noticed that I have a new look to my website and social media. My daughter called it a “glow up”. Whatever you call it, the new look and feel were designed to represent my true personality and brand. Why the Change? Since refocusing my business nearly four years ago, I’ve gotten really clear about the value I bring and how I want to offer my services.  I figured it was time to … Read more

3 Things You MUST Have to Build a Solid Business


Recently, I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs and small business owners about business basics.  I started off my talk by saying there are three things you DON’T need to have a successful business: A fancy website A beautiful logo A perfect service/product/program And, there were audible gasps from the audience. I work with so many new businesses who sink a ton of money and time into having a professionally designed website and logo created.  … Read more