Using Buyer Behaviors to Drive Your Marketing

I saw a t-shirt recently that said “I’m going to Target.  See you in $150!” and I could totally relate. What is it that makes us walk into stores like Target and Costco and drop the Benjamins with abandon? People buy…stuff…for lots of reasons, rational and emotional. In fact, psychologists have defined a whole host of drivers that cause us to pull out our wallets. Marketers and advertisers have honed their visual and written messaging … Read more

The Value of Business Values

Katherine McGraw Patterson Content Marketing Funnel

When’s the last time you boycotted a business? In today’s political and cultural climate, it seems like there’s a new reason to disengage with some of our favorite brands every day.  This cookie maker is responsible for the destruction of palm forests in Indonesia. This fast food chain contributes to a controversial cause. This retailer supports the opposing political party. Whatever the reason, odds are, you’ve raised an eyebrow or put your wallet away when … Read more

Discounts are for Dummies


I have clients ask me all the time “should I offer a discount?,” and my answer is generally “no.” Yes, discounts can drive sales, but they can also attract…wait for it…discount shoppers. And, while I myself enjoy a good sale, I don’t necessarily want my clients to be people who are looking for a bargain. If you spend time with small business owners like I do, you’ll start to hear grumblings about Groupon shoppers.  You … Read more