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You’ve done the hard work of launching your business, now it’s time to take it to the next level.

I can help you get there without all the chaos, confusion, and overwhelm.

I am a brand and business strategist that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs like you get ‘unstuck’ in the ever-changing world of business and marketing dynamics.  I not only work with my clients, but I train and educate them on how to increase their clarity around their goals and objectives, focus their activities with a clear strategy. I give them the tools and confidence to turn their ‘impossible’ goals into manageable action steps to create a profitable business that they love.

Reducing stress and increasing your bottom line is totally doable.

I’ll show you how.

So, How Can I Help YOU?

Katherine McGraw Patterson_Business Strategist Katherine McGraw Patterson_Brand and Business Strategist

Business Strategy Coaching

Brand Asset Design Services

Outsourced Marketing Director

Develop a strategy for growing your business that helps you reignite the passion you had before the daily grind. Outshine your competitors with dynamic, professionally-designed visual and written messaging. Grow your business with a seasoned professional offering proven experience, at a price you can afford.
Katherine McGraw Patterson_Business Strategist Katherine McGraw Patterson_Brand and Business Strategist

Build a Profitable Business That You Love

As an entrepreneur and business strategist, I know the joy and pain of building your own business.  I can guide you through the tough decisions that business owners have to make to reach the next level of success and give you the tools you need to succeed.

I have worked with many people in the marketing world and none of them match up to the experience of working with Katherine. She is a creative, dynamic, flexible and just a terrific person to work with. She has provided tremendous value to my company and our mutual clients. She has that unique capability to know what you want after just a few short sessions of working together and delivers a great product on time. Katherine is a valuable partner to my company and it would be a mistake if she wasn’t a part of your company.

Chris White, Partner and Executive Director, America’s Best Cleaners