Katherine Patterson puts her clients and potential clients first! She is a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion. She wants you have business success and be filled with emotional satisfaction and joy. Katherine is able to put herself in your shoes both as an entrepreneur as well as the consumer. With this expertise she is able to bridge the gap and help you create a flow to your business which otherwise would be chaotic. Katherine listens and hears what you are and what you are not saying and will help you find the heart of your business; and better yet will give you direction and concrete actions to make it grow! Financial planning, advertising, logo design, time management, online navigation and ideas, connections with other expertise are just a few of the benefits that I have witness and experienced under the guidance of Katherine.

Corrine Turner-Jacob
Owner, ProgressiveEducation

Working with Katherine cleared the vagueness around my brand and identified my primary customer. We spent one on one time defining those aspects and then created strategies for reaching the right customers. I came away with clarity, confidence and more motivation than ever because I knew I finally had a solid direction. If you are sick of the overwhelm and want a clear path to sales work with Katherine and you will suddenly see things differently!

Sage Melley
Hub Event Productions

Committing to the Business Transformation program with Katherine is easily the most valuable thing I’ve done so far for my start up business! The detailed pre-session exploration work helped me think very specifically and objectively about the purpose, value and goals of my business, which are things I couldn’t realistically identify on my own. By taking a deep dive with Katherine into my business and exploring unchartered territory, I now see opportunities for growth and success I’d never even imagined. The breadth and depth of her business and marketing knowledge is amazing—I couldn’t believe how much incredibly valuable information I walked away with. Katherine is generous with her expertise, her energy, her time, and is truly committed to my professional and personal success. Doing intensive work isn’t easy, but that’s the point. Big goals and big dreams take hard work. I’m so grateful to have Katherine with me on the journey – my business goals wouldn’t be progressing so quickly without her! Bottom line:  Entrepreneurs and small businesses that are serious about creating and following a specific, strategic plan for their success can’t afford NOT to work with Katherine!

Mary Peck
Built Digital Media

Katherine McGraw Patterson’s business marketing group and individual marketing program are PHENOMENAL!!! From day one, Katherine has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and grow my business more than I thought was truly possible! She is warm, positive and encouraging, which made me feel like I could conquer the world! Katherine’s creative and realistic approach to marketing made it easy for me to make small changes each month, which eventually added up to a larger clientele and ultimately a bigger revenue! In my second month of working with Katherine, I BLEW my financial goals out of the water! Each time I left my group and private sessions, I was so inspired by Katherine and her ideas! I owe so much of my success to her!!!!

Kim Mattei
Owner, Believe In Yourself Spa

I had many ideas on how I wanted to pursue my business goals, but I hadn’t yet taken the plunge to put myself out there.  Katherine’s coaching provided the kick-start, confidence, accountability, and nudge I need to get my proverbial ball rolling.  As a result of the coaching work I did with Katherine, I have brought in three new clients, and have clearly identified my “Big Hairy-Assed Goal” and the specific steps to put my business on the path to success.  Katherine’s strong leadership skills have a way of making you feel accountable towards reaching your goals, yet she has this amazing kind, open-hearted appeal that makes her totally approachable too. The combined energy of her person was just the balance I needed out of an instructor and coach, yet mentor and confidante.  I would strongly recommend working with Katherine for the incredible support, accountability, and tools she offers to empower myself and further my goals as a women entrepreneur. I am indebted to Katherine for providing the means and forum to kick-start my year.

Laurie Petrone
Owner, Meraki Marketing

Katherine transformed my small business ideas into reality. Her keen business sense and personable nature helped me to feel more confident in myself and in moving forward. She is creative, capable, and consistent. From start to finish, I was pleased with the process and the products. Katherine is a consumate professional and will continue to be my “go to” person for developing my small business.

Jennifer Hammonds
American School, Doha

I enlisted Katherine in the early stages of starting my own business to help with my marketing needs. I underestimated the benefits she would add to our working relationship and me as an entrepreneur. My materials turned out great, but more importantly, Katherine became a thought partner and provided incredible value as we talked through my business goals, entry into a specialized market, and where I would find future growth opportunities. Through these conversations, Katherine helped me build my confidence as a leader and create a business structure that remains successful today. I am now a sought-after resource and trusted advisor within my industry thanks largely to Katherine’s consultation.”

Dave Dennis
Founder, Resilient Solutions, LLC

Katherine is a great team member to have on any team. She adds value to any project because of her knack and perspective of what clients really want and what they need. I have really enjoyed the work she has done for me and I continue to employ her services.

Amanda Carrothers
Embody Power

Katherine is the ultimate marketing professional that can do it all. Katherine serves as the foundation of our marketing team, whose experience, varied marketing skills, and solid work ethic have been key to growing our business. She is a great team player, brand representative, and truly understands the vision of the company and how marketing fits in to add value every step of the way.

Marcos Cordero
Founder, Green Business Bureau

Katherine Patterson, provides a turn-key approach to all your marketing needs.  She takes the time to ensure she knows your business, your themes, and your goals.  She is able to adapt her consultation to whatever your needs may be. She has a full grasp of all or the intricacies of email marketing, in-store promotions, and website design.  She is able to focus and sharpen all aspects of your marketing.

Joe Ziccarelli
Owner and President, Owl Cleaners

I have been working with Katherine for a  few years now and the experience has been excellent.  Not having a background in marketing or design I had difficulty articulating  what I was looking for with other companies and the end result was usually more what they wanted to produce rather then what I had envisioned.  Katherine has consistently demonstrated an ability to understand my needs and create high quality marketing pieces that were exactly what I wanted in design and copy. She produces high quality work quickly and in budget, I could not be happier with her.

Richard Fitzpatrick
Vice President, Kreussler Inc.

I want you to know how much I enjoy working with you.  You’re really great and easy to work with.   I really appreciate the fact that you give me options, help me think through things, and that you can challenge me to take my thinking to the next level when I’m stalling out.

Ben Wilson
Owner, EOS Advisors, LLC

I launched my project management business in Hong Kong in 1997. Katherine single-handedly created the sales and marketing collateral for the company from scratch to the highest possible quality. She was utterly indispensable in the start-up and success of what became a market dominant business. Complex, high quality pitches produced to tight deadlines need total focus, energy and determination. For these qualities we looked time and again to Katherine and I am happy to say we were never disappointed.

Jim Osborne
Managing Director, CMInternational

The branding exercise was great. It really made us look at our business plan in a whole new light. In fact, it changed the types of space we were looking at, because once we were able to define where we wanted to go with our business, we realized the spaces we were looking at weren’t going to suit our five- and ten-year goals. Without the branding exercise, we wouldn’t have known that.

Cierra Imig
Owner, Mayu Sanctuary

I have worked with many people in the marketing world and none of them match up to the experience of working with Katherine. She is a creative, dynamic, flexible and just a terrific person to work with. She has provided tremendous value to my company and our mutual clients. She has that unique capability to know what you want after just a few short sessions of working together and delivers a great product on time. Smartfish Marketing is a valuable partner to my company and would be a mistake if she wasn’t a part of your company.

Chris White
Partner and Executive Director, America’s Best Cleaners