My One Word for 2017 – Flourish

This year, instead of a list of resolutions, I’ve decided to focus on “my one word”.  To do that, I’m replacing a long list of new year’s to-do’s with one, simple word that I can focus on all year long. The word sums up how I want to feel and how I want to live. The idea is that by keeping that one word in mind all year, I will align my actions and decisions in a way that will help me achieve that feeling. It’s a form a visualization, which will focus my thoughts and energies on what I want to realize.

I love goals, I love visualizations, I love to direct my energies towards what I want to accomplish, so it seemed like a great fit.  I was all in on picking “one word” to guide my intentions in 2017.

Until I sat down to choose One. Freaking. Word. Do you know how many words there are? A LOT. More than Donald Trump has, for sure. Check out a dictionary someday, those things are YOOOOOGE! It was overwhelming.

Katherine McGraw Patterson My One Word Free Download

But I was determined to find that one word for 2017. How did I do it? (so glad you asked!). To choose just the right word, I:

  • Visualized: I sat down and imagined how I wanted to feel. Every day. Here’s what I came up with “I want to feel like a fat cat with milky whiskers sitting in the sun. Not gloating, just content, sated, satisfied with life, happy with his lot, pleased, peaceful, knowing he’s in exactly the right place and doing exactly what he’s meant to be doing, safe, secure, warm….but with some energy, excitement, delight, joy, humor, and creativity thrown in.” (I know, right? What word could possibly sum that all up?)
  • Gathered words: One I had the feeling I wanted to achieve defined, I started to gather words that resonated with me. I used a Thesaurus to look up synonyms for the words in my visualization. Guess what? The words I was drawn to were not “content” and “peaceful”, they were words like “thrive”, “grow”, “shine”, and “ignite.” Way more high energy than that fat cat.
  • Defined and refined: Once I had a list, I started to explore the definitions of the words that sang to me, and I started to see a theme. The words that I liked most had a lot of similarities. They expressed growth, vigor, success, and prosperity.


And then, there it was. My word! It encapsulated the energy, drive, and motivation I want to feel in 2017. The one word that sums it all up. And that word is….drum roll, please…FLOURISH.

Katherine McGraw Patterson my one word for 2017
The definitions of FLOURISH include “to thrive, to be successful, to prosper, to grow luxuriantly.” I realized some big things for my business in 2016, and made some long-time dreams come true. What I want in 2017 is to watch the things I’ve put in motion FLOURISH. I want to grow my success and the success of others. I want to grow in areas of my business where I’ve just started to get comfortable. I want to take all the things that are already amazing in my business and my world as a business owner and let them FLOURISH.


This year, my business will FLOURISH. I will FLOURISH as a business owner. My clients will FLOURISH. My entire being and embodiment of self will FLOURISH.

And I’m so excited, I can’t stand it.