8 Duran Duran Songs That Will Inspire Entrepreneurs

Um, peeps? It’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day.

Full disclosure, I was a huge Duran Duran fan. In fact, the band’s “Rio” tour was my first ever grown up concert without parents. This was waaaaay before cell phones (or pagers for that matter) so I remember my dad drove my friend and I to the venue, then napped in the truck while we rocked out to Simon, Nick, and the boys.

Little did I know at that concert, and during the hours I spent singing tragically off-key to their records (!) at the top of my lungs, that people around the world later celebrate Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  To celebrate, I’d like to offer you eight of the band’s titles to inspire your business success:

  • Hungry Like a Wolf (Rio, 1982): Sometimes we lose our “why”. Reconnect with your deepest reasons for doing what you do and the hunger it’s created in you to build a successful business. Be aggressive in chasing and catching your success!
  • My Own Way (Rio, 1982): The way YOU do things is your brand, and it’s unlike anyone else. Simons sings “running like a fox to keep up with me.” When you define a clear, strong brand, your ideal customer will run to your service and product, while the competition will be running to keep up.
  • Beautiful Colors (Astronaut, demo): Define your brand personality and build client recognition. Create a consistent brand identity by standardizing your colors, fonts, and logo usage. Your clients should know something belongs to you without have to read a word.
  • Being Followed (All You Need Is Now, 2010): Build a social media presence to connect with your ideal client. Share your voice and your story to build an emotional connection to your brand. Show them that you are the unique solution to their problem.
  • Is There Something I Should Know (Duran Duran, 1981): We don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s okay. Connect with coaching and business resources to augment your talents. Outsource areas of your business that aren’t your strong suit or that you’re not passionate about and keep your focus on what makes your business great.
  • Cracks in the Pavement (Duran Duran, 1981): This one’s all about shaking things up and trying something new to get what you want. Old ways won’t work if you want new results. Take a risk and “break open doors you had sealed” and see what happens.
  • Success (Thank You, 1995): Simon knows that when you define your unique version of success, then do the work to achieve it, nothing else compares. “Here comes success. Yeow!” Sing it, Simon!
  • A Matter of Feeling (Notorious, 1986): Honor your feelings in business as in life. Know that you are the only one you have to impress. Tune out the voices telling you what you “should” want or “need to” do. Hold your unique version of success and achievement in your heart, recognize it and celebrate it when you reach it.

Okay I admit that these songs aren’t literally about women’s entrepreneurship and business ownership. But, like brands, they evoke feelings and emotions. So, you have my permission to crank up your favorite Duran Duran song and dance around. Sing out loud! Move your body, shake things up! Get inspired! Then go do epic shit, and start today!

What songs inspire you in business?  Share in the comments section.