Katherine McGraw Patterson Women's Business Coach

Designing and running your own business is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in the world.  Creating profit from your passion and sharing your purpose with the world is life changing and empowering.  It can create a feeling of accomplishment like nothing else.

So, why doesn’t it feel that way?

Because being a woman entrepreneur and small business owner is tough.  Those of us who embark on this path aren’t only chasing our dreams, we’re balancing those dreams with family life and inner voices that want to hold us back, and even the most daring of us can benefit from support and encouragement as we strive for our success.

What’s your definition of success?

Success looks different for everyone.  Sometimes success is making six figures, wearing a power suit, and being recognized as an industry leader.  For others, it’s creating a business that generates enough income to allow them to enjoy a certain lifestyle.  And for some, success is simply making a little money doing what they love.  Whatever your definition of success, as a women’s business coach I can help you get there.

What would it take for you to feel truly successful?

It can be hard to answer that question, can’t it?  You’re so busy tending to your business and answering its needs, you don’t always have the time and energy to step back, take a breath, and be purposeful about the direction you’re headed.  What if you could create the space in your life to identify what it is you truly need to feel successful, and then take the steps you need to get there?

I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it for myself and my clients.  As a women’s business coach, I know women entrepreneurs and business owners can change their lives when they learn how to identify the emotional sticking points that are holding them back from their idea of success and are given practical, actionable steps for moving them towards their goals.

My coaching is a unique integration of inner work and business strategy to help you reach your success.

Katherine McGraw Patterson Women's Business Coach

I’m a fourth-generation entrepreneur/small business owner and women’s business coach who has coached women just like you in achieving their ideal success – whether that’s increased revenue, a stronger brand, or designing their best work/life balance.  I work with established business owners, newbie entrepreneurs, and the “entrecurious” who are exploring what business ownership would look like for them.  I’m also founder of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (WEBO) Network, a thriving community of women business owners in the Denver metro area and Front Range.

As a women’s business coach, I’ll help you:

  • Identify what success means to YOU.
  • Break through blocks, doubts, limiting beliefs and anything else standing between you and the business success you desire.
  • Establish time management techniques that help you create the space you need in your day (and in your beautiful mind!) to be purposeful about defining and achieving your success.
  • Set specific goals for your business and map out steps for you to achieve your ideal success.
  • Be accountable for your progress with support and encouragement. I’m only a text, email, or phone call away when you need reassurance and inspiration.
  • Eliminate overwhelm, stress, and confusion. Feel empowered and confident as you move forward towards your business goals and a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Pinpoint the strengths and flaw of your brand, marketing, systems, pricing, products/services and build them up to support your business goals and objectives.
  • Learn to recognize and embrace business opportunities, while avoiding those things that deplete your energy and move you away from your goals.