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What if you’d rather jump into a cage of hungry lions wearing a meat suit than wade into a room full of strangers?

We’re taught networking is important, but few of us are taught to do it well. For many people, networking causes real social anxiety, discomfort, and even distress.

Lunching with Lions will help you overcome networking fears with insight and awareness. KP shares her own journey of overcoming her aversion to networking to subsequently leading one of Denver’s fastest-growing professional networks for women business owners.  She encourages business owners to approach networking like everything else in their organization – by setting concrete goals, creating actionable strategies, and tracking their results. People will be using this book as a tool to expand their networks for a long time. 

Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author

In Lunching with Lions, KP shares the strategies she used to go from being terrified of networking to founding one of Denver’s leading women’s networking groups and becoming an influencer in the women’s entrepreneurship community.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the trifecta of awareness, purpose, and intent to build a successful networking practice.
  • Identify the right groups and connections.
  • Leverage your investments of time and money to get the best results.

Best of all, you’ll get strategies and tools to build your networking muscle and help you overcome your fears.

“Lunching with Lions” is the most comprehensive book on networking on the market today. KP helps readers overcome their fear of networking by delving into the why, where, and how of getting out there and making connections. She covers every aspect involved in the process, including determining your objectives, crafting an elevator pitch, figuring out what groups are the best use of your time, and how to get comfortable walking into a room full of strangers. But most importantly, she emphasizes that networking is about building relationships that will benefit you both personally and professionally. Every small business owner should read this book.

Molly Gimmel, CEO of Design To Delivery Inc and Board Chair, National Association of Women Business Owners

KP shares her networking experiences in a candid, practical and easy to read fashion allowing you to learn and grow through applying the “How To’s” with a strategy designed for your success. 
Tammy Urbach, 4BR CEO & Founder

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