It’s all about the money (and the time)…3 tips to build a networking strategy that maxmizes both.

Katherine-McGraw-Patterson_3 tips to maximize time and money while networking

Hey, isn’t there something else you should be doing right now? I mean, thanks for stopping by to read my blog and all, because I know that by choosing to spend the next eight minutes or so reading my ideas on networking, you’re giving up eight minutes of doing something else for your business.  You’re juggling.  You’re compromising.  You many have decided to reschedule a client call, or delay scheduling your social media posts.  Whatever … Read more

Go Do Epic Shit. Start Today (No, really, do the things. Today!)

Recently, a newbie woman entrepreneur asked me, “When does starting your own business stop feeling like a sprint and start feeling like a marathon?”  After I stopped laughing, I told her that, after 19 years as an entrepreneur, I’d let her know when I got there. When we start out in business, we are buoyed by exhilaration and drive.  Everything is new and exciting, we’re learning what we’re made of and we’re making something for … Read more