Outsourced Marketing Director

There comes a time when your business has grown beyond your ability to do it all.  You need to focus on your core strengths and you need experts in the other areas of your business to support you in creating success. But, what happens when you don’t have the revenue to support those experts full-time?

This is an issue in businesses of all sizes, and that’s why I’ve been offering outsourced Marketing Director services since 2005.

As your outsourced Marketing Director, I’ll organize your marketing program, offer creative solutions for traditional and digital marketing, and manage implementation of the program – driving sales and improving your ROI.  All for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

With over 15 years’ experience in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses as a outsourced Marketing Director, I:

  • Provide expertise in marketing strategy and implementation
  • Introduce new, creative, and affordable ways to reach your target market
  • Craft a clear, distinct brand message and look to set you apart from your competition
  • Offer a new, impartial, independent perspective of your business
  • Minimize the impact of staff reductions
  • Reduce overhead by offering an affordable, cost-effective alternative to full-time staff
  • Work with your team to achieve your goals
  • Alleviate stress on you, the small business owner, by allowing you to focus on your core business and leave the marketing to me!

My Process

As your Outsourced Marketing Director, I’ll delve into your business and branding, the challenges you face, and the opportunities available. Through a series of meetings and questionnaires, I’ll work with you to gain a holistic view of your company and where I can add the most value. Very quickly, you’ll come to look at me not as a small business marketing consultant, but as an outsourced member of your own team.


At our first meeting, I’ll introduce myself and meet the key players in your organization. Together, we’ll review your current situation, goals, and challenges. You’ll take away our proprietary branding “homework”. Completed by stakeholders in your business, this exercise helps us dive deep into your company culture, philosophy, and unique selling proposition.

Deep Dive

We’ll build a detailed customer avatar for your ideal audience, identifying and articulating pain points, values, and buying behaviors. Employee interviews, combined with the responses to the Branding Definition Questionnaire (above) will help identify any disconnects between your training, products, pricing, messaging, and management and the ultimate service/product value you promise your customers.


We’ll put it all into words and images with a Brand Positioning Statement, Visual Identity Board, and 12-Month Strategic Marketing Plan. These branding documents define your brand and its personality, and together form the basis for your messaging and marketing moving forward. Your 12-Month Strategic Marketing Plan outlines the tools and channels (paid and unpaid) we’ll use to reach your ideal customer and achieve your goals within your budget.


I’ll help you bring your brand and plan to life through the development of striking brand asset materials unique to your brand and designed to help your message truly stand out from your competition. I’ll manage any third-party contractors engaged to help you reach your goals.


Together, your team and I will measure and track the results of campaigns and programs. All parties will meet regularly to review progress I’ll recommend shifts (if needed) along the way to realign efforts with your goals.


OMD packages can be tailored to your needs and budget.  Let’s connect to discuss how I can support your success! Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call Now