Business Strategy Coaching

I’m not currently taking individual coaching clients.

Please reach out to me to find out about upcoming group programs and events.

You’re working hard to do all the things people say you ‘should’ be doing to grow a business (hello social media, freebies, and growing that email list!).  But, you don’t have more customers, you just have more confusion and less time.

You have no idea what to focus on in order to make real progress towards making more money and having a greater impact.

You’re stuck in the hustle and grind and (I’ll let you in on a little secret)…

You’re lacking a business strategy

A business strategy closes the gap between where you want to go and how to get there.  It eliminates wasted or misdirected effort and makes sure that what you’re doing every day is moving you towards your goals and objectives.

A business strategy makes you identify and articulate what you want to achieve, then lays out a clear plan for how to do that.  It guides your every day to-do list and leads you to what products and services you should offer, what audience you’re talking to, what marketing efforts will give you the most bang for your buck (and time!), and helps you feel like what you’re doing is getting results.

Want to know the good news?  You don’t have to start over from scratch.  In fact, we can start your business strategy from where you are right now, today, and leverage all you’ve already built as a foundation for your next stage of growth.  All it takes is an assessment (or reassessment) of your goals to really move the needle on what you want to achieve.

A business strategy will let you operate with a keen awareness of what you want to achieve; build a purposeful plan of action to prioritize and reinvigorate your business to reach the next level; and take intentional, daily steps for getting there. A good business strategy helps you love your business again!