Business Transformation Program

You are:

  • Drowning in a sea of freebies, podcasts, webinars, and coaching programs that give you the bare minimum, and leave you feeling confused.
  • Constantly stressed about money, your prices, and where your next client is coming from.
  • Overwhelmed by your to-do list and all the things you “should” be doing.
  • Looking for a confidante and mentor to be on your team, to help guide your decision-making, and to help clarify your next steps.
  • Questioning everything – Do you need a niche and how do you do it? Should you launch that program or service? Are your prices too high? Are they too low? What should you focus on? What strategy is right for you?
  • Exhausted by how much time and energy your business is taking – being a business owner was supposed to be FUN!

You’re here because you don’t want to give up on your business yourself, and you KNOW that if you just had a PLAN that made sense, you could make this thing work.

Here’s why working with me will change everything:

  • I am NOT another coach who presents high-level concepts and leaves you to figure out the details on your own, I’m right here to work beside you, to give you guidance and advice and help you reach your goals.
  • This is NOT a “cookie cutter” program with weekly lessons that may or may not apply to your situation, this is a customized approach for you and your business needs.
  • This is NOT a “get rich quick” blueprint or another #laptoplifestyle fantasy program, we’re both going to show up, do the work, and build a profitable business that feels good.
  • I really DO care, I’m heavily invested in your success and am ready to pour my 20+ years’ experience, and the experience of my clients, into you and your business to see you succeed.

I am going to help you understand your business in a way you never have before, giving you a sense of confidence, calm, and clarity about your next steps and how to succeed.

Here’s what my clients have to say about that:

Katherine Patterson puts her clients and potential clients first! She is a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion. She wants you have business success and be filled with emotional satisfaction and joy.

Corrine Turner Jacob

Katherine is generous with her expertise, her energy, her time, and is truly committed to my professional and personal success.

Mary Peck, Built Digital Media

Curious to know if my Business Transformation Program is right for you?  Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit!

Here’s How My Business Transformation Program Works

A business transformation growth package not only helps you discover gaps in your business activities that are keeping you from reaching your goals, but you’ll receive a detailed plan and actions for overcoming those gaps.

  1. You’ll complete my questionnaire about your business and what you’re seeking to improve.
  2. We’ll then schedule a deep-dive (4-hour) session to assess your current business activities; brand; client; products and services; systems and processes; and marketing (including your website and social media).
  3. I’ll document what was discussed and include suggested action steps and additional resources. This report will form the basis of our work together. Because it’s written down, you’ll never have to wonder what’s next or why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  4. Based on the written findings, we’ll work together to identify and prioritize the core areas that need tweaking to achieve your desired goals and implement action steps for achieving them. This will be completed over twelve 1-hour sessions or six 2-hour sessions, depending on preference and availability.
  5. Between sessions, you will have email and text access to me for input and advice.
  6. We’ll wrap up our work together with a 2-hour debrief session to identify your next steps and create a sustainable plan for you to continue towards your business goals.

My role is not only to guide you through the development of your business strategy growth plan, but to educate and empower you to move forward on your own after our engagement.

Availability is limited, and making sure I can serve each client to the fullest is important to me.

ENTREPRENEUR INVESTMENT (up to 3 employees): $5,850

SMALL BUSINESS INVESTMENT (3+ employees): Schedule a Discovery Call to Discuss Your Needs

If a Business Strategy Growth Package sounds right for you, please contact me for a 20-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.