Logo and Brand Design

In today’s market, there are hundreds of companies competing for business in niche markets. In order to win business over your competitors, you need to demonstrate to your target market that your product or service is the best solution for their needs. How do you achieve this?  By creating a clear, strong definition of your brand and ensuring that it is reflected in every message, communication, and visual describing your company.

Every small business owner I meet wants to start with their logo when it comes to brand (why? Because it’s FUN!). But,branding goes waaay beyond your logo, and if you try to start with design, you’ll always be disappointed.  Trust me, I’ve seen it time and time again!

Building your brand requires a deep dive into what you offer, how you offer it, and who you offer it to.  You need to have a keen understanding of your brand’s personality, values, vision, beliefs, style, emotional impact, and so much more in order to build a brand you and your client will love.

Most graphic designers can’t help you figure out your brand (their genius is design, not brand psychology and strategy).  I’m unique in that I combine professional brand strategy and expertise with a depth of experience in design – I can not only help you uncover all the things that make your brand special, but can help you design the images that make it sparkle, too.

I offer a complete package when it comes to small business branding and identity, including:

  • Assisting you in identifying and characterizing your brand
  • Reviewing your training and management practices to ensure they align with your brand promise
  • Assessing current, and implementing new, small business marketing strategies that work for your brand position
  • Planning and strategic development of your marketing
  • Creative services designed to bring your brand to life
  • Training and presentations to your team to share messaging objectives and reinforce their role in representing your core brand
  • Develop surveys and reviews to measure customer perception of your brand efforts

Your Brand
Communication Toolkit

A logo only tells part of your story.  Once we uncover your brand communication system, you’ll never be confused again about to talk and write about your business so people “get” what you have to offer.  Depending on your needs, you’ll have a complete brand communication system that eliminates your confusion and tells your story in a way that reflects your brand’s unique personality and draws your ideal client to you for exactly what you have to offer.

Your Brand Communication Toolkit includes things like:

>> Written Definitions of What Makes Your Brand Unique
>> Words and Phrases Library
>> Marketing Messages
>> Professional Bio
>> Brand Story
>> Program and Product Names

…and more

Your Brand Communication Toolkit is a resource you’ll use every day to keep your message consistent and your brand voice authentic to you. 

Your Logo

Your brand’s logo is the first thing potential clients see, and it’s important that your logo, it’s colors, and the fonts it uses reflect the personality of your company and the value you offer.  I offer more than 30 years’ experience in designing logos for clients in a variety of business.  When you work with me to design the logo of your dreams, I’ll incorporate color and font psychology, along with my proprietary system for uncovering those traits that make your business unique to create an iconic representation of the value you bring to your clients.

Your Visual Identity

Your brand visuals go beyond your logo to include the colors, fonts, images, and graphic elements that surround it.  I’ll create a complete visual identity for your brand that you can use in digital and print designs to ensure that your brand is always presented in the best light to attract the right kind of clients and income-generating opportunities.  Your visual identity will include:

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo and /or Watermarks
  • Color palette
  • Fonts/Typography
  • Patterns/Textures
  • Suggested Imagery

Logo and Brand Design Package

It’s important that your business has a unique brand that attracts your ideal client. My custom brand and logo design package includes brand discovery (what makes you special), definition (putting it in words), and designing a visual brand (logos, colors, fonts) that entices your ideal audience.

This package includes:

  • Brand Discovery questionnaire
  • 1-Hour strategy session
  • 3-5 concept logo designs (together we’ll refine your favorite into your final logo)
  • Brand Guide which includes:
  • Brand Discovery Results
  • Brand Communication Plan
  • Visual Identity
  • Business Card Design
  • Three custom pieces delivered in .png format (such as Facebook cover, LinkedIn cover, or other social media templates)

Price: $1,850

Additional Option:

Canva Branding Set Up and Training

Make social media less stressful! I’ll set up your brand on Canva.com* and train you to use it quickly and easily. I’ll take the brand we built for you and add it to be backend of Canva with your colors and fonts. I’ll create custom templates for your specific social channels to get you started. This includes a one-hour one-on-one training session with me so I can answer all your questions. Plus, text and email help for the first three months.

Price: $499*

*Price does not include Canva subscription. Subscription may be required to upload custom fonts and colors.

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