4 Secrets to Building a Vision Board That Works

This week I’m all aflutter because I’m hosting my first Vision Board Party on Friday.  *squee!*  I’ve got 12 amazing, dynamic women business owners coming to commit their dreams and goals for 2017 to paper.  And I am. So. Excited!

I love, love, love vision boarding.  Probably because I’m a creative soul and a visual learner, so the act of collaging something beautiful I can look at all year is deeply satisfying.  But also because THEY WORK.  The act of building your vision board helps you clarify what you want to have, what you want to do, and how you want to feel.  By being purposeful in selecting the images and words on your board, you set your intention.  And by placing your board where you can view it every day, you reinforce your desires and (consciously and unconsciously) begin to align your actions with your purpose.

Now I’m going to tell you how to build your vision board:  Get a base for your board (blank art notebook, poster board, cork board, or large sheet of paper).  Gather some magazines and some photographs that are meaningful to you.  Add in some pretty patterned papers, stickers, markers, and glitter glue.  Don’t forget your scissors and adhesive.  Now, go through the magazines, cut out tons of pictures and words that align with your vision, sort through the pile until you have just what you want on your board.  Glue them all down.  Stick on pretty stickers and add some glittery-bling to make it pretty.  Voila!  You have a vision board.

Okay, okay, I’m being flippant.  But, building the vision board is the EASY part.  It’s what you do before you cut out your first picture and after you dab on that last pretty bit of glitter that makes a vision board a powerful tool.  And THAT’s what I wanted to share with you today.


The reason vision boards work is because visualization works (Really, it does.  Don’t believe me?  Google “Olympic athletes and visualization”.  See, told you!). When you create a picture of your deepest dreams and desires, then place that picture in a space where you see it throughout the day, you end up doing mini-visualization exercises every time you see it.  Visualizations focus our intent on the things we desire, and what we focus on we attract.  That’s what the universe calls “the Law of Attraction.” The Law of Attraction encourages us to recognize that we have the freedom to control how our future develops and that we can shape it in any way we choose.  Whatever we’re longing for, whatever our dreams and goals, the Law of Attraction brings us closer to our deepest ambitions.

So, what’s the big secret to creating a vision board that works?  It’s simple. Your vision board should connect with, and focus on, how you want to FEEL.  Sure, it should have tangible stuff (like that new car, and that island vacation), but the more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more that will come to be.

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Here’s 4 steps to building a vision board that works:

  1. Connect with your “WHY” and the feelings you want to experience when your dreams and goals are realized. Why we want certain things – money, fame, love – is totally unique to us.  A pay raise may mean self-esteem or validation, or it could mean security, a vacation, or a new kitchen.  Once we understand WHY we want our goals, it’s easier to focus and put in the effort needed to accomplish them.  And, when we start to lose our “oomph” it’s the WHY that gives us that extra burst of energy in the final stretch to reaching our goals.
  2. Display your board where you will see it regularly. Of course, if you’re feeling shy about your dreams, you don’t have to do this, but I will tell you that the people who experience the most success with their boards are the ones who hang them prominently in their offices, or on their bedroom doors, or even in their bathrooms! Because, again, seeing the images of your vision spurs those little moments of visualization, creating the focus and attraction that help us achieve that vision.
  3. Take action. Taking conscious actions in your daily life is the rocket fuel that makes this whole process work. Oh, wait, what?  I can hear you now.  “You mean, making my board pretty to look at isn’t enough?” Nope.  You’re going to have to do the work.  But, wait!  I have some good news!  Taking action doesn’t mean being busier.  And, it doesn’t mean working harder.  Taking action means being open. It means listening to your guidance. It means keeping a keen eye out for opportunities and moving towards them. It means, above all else, showing up.  It means if you pasted pictures that remind you that you want to create a speaking business, then join Toastmasters to start honing your skills.  If you pasted pictures that remind you that you want to gain control of your finances, then enroll in in an online money management course.   If you pasted pictures that remind you that you want to honor yourself with more self-care, make an appointment for a massage or take some time out or your day today to take a walk or meditate.  Take it from someone who knows. If you take one step towards your dreams, your dreams always take multiple steps towards you.
  4. Be grateful. As time goes by and your dreams begin to manifest, be grateful for how well the Law of Attraction is working in your life. The fastest path to the feelings and things you set out on your vision board is to visualize, be grateful, be happy, and take advantage of the opportunities you have every day.  The Law of Attraction will work, and you’ll start to recognize that the people, events, and things that you want will start to move towards you as you move towards them. Acknowledge that your vision board is working.  Write the dates you achieved each goal on your Vision Board as a powerful reminder of what you’ve already consciously and deliberately attracted into your life.

Download My FREE Vision Setting Worksheets and Bonus Vision Board Graphics Here >>

Above all, remember this:

Pay attention to your Vision Board (that’s why it’s hanging in your office, or next to your potty, or wherever…).  Then, pay attention to the opportunities that come your way.  And…take a few chances.  Be willing to make a few mistakes.

As you grow, evolve, and expand, your dreams will too.  It’s a good idea to create a new vision board each year.  I hope you’ll join me next year to review your successes and set your intention for 2018!

Now, go do EPIC shit, and start today!